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My name is Emma Thorne-Christy and I am a dreamer with a doer heart. I'm that rare artist with a knack for project management, and I've honed these skills into a career as a museum exhibition designer. 

My studio, ETCxDesign, works with museums, libraries, and cultural centers to design immersive environments for social impact. Our work focuses on telling stories in three dimensional space beyond the book on a wall. We center creating meaningful learning environments and experiences of connection over trendy spectacles.

The studio based in Los Angeles, California.




  • Museum exhibitions

  • Environmental graphics

  • Wayfinding

  • Donor recognition walls

  • Informal learning environments

  • Immersive environments


  • Exhibition design

  • Spatial design 

  • Graphic design 

  • Gallery furniture and prop design

  • Interactive and participatory design

  • Lighting design

  • Project management

  • Installation oversight


Our studio approaches each exhibition as a unique endeavor, requiring a customized team to create a memorable visitor experience.

Studio director Emma Thorne-Christy curates a specialized team of consultants and collaborators for your project, guided by the size, scale and needs of the exhibition.

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